Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Where Scottie stands; Angela’s strategy (day 47 afternoon)

While there is no big move to report on in our Big Brother 20 afternoon update, we do think that there are still a number of important discussions that are worthy of a spotlight.

Take, for starters, Angela making it very clear to Scottie and Tyler the pitch that she received from Haleigh and others that putting up Scottie against Tyler would set the stage for one of the biggest moves in the history of the show. She’s been subject to campaigns from Bayleigh, Faysal, and others, and has mostly just told them whatever they want to hear while thinking in terms of executing her own plan first. Her loyalty seems to be to Tyler more than anyone, as he has been involved in the vast majority of the discussions that have taken place in the house today.

With this being said, Scottie also does have a rather-interesting role to play moving forward, as well. Angela has worked to basically out everything that the FOUTTE / Hive side of the house has said about him, so he realizes that he cannot quite trust them. Yet, he also knows that Angela put him on the block. He’s in arguably the most interesting spot in the game now because he can collect information from a number of people who want him at any given moment to work with them.

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The best thing that Scottie can do for the time being is play the middle, keep some of his options open, and then eventually scoop up some other people when they realize that they are on the bottom. There has been two sides of the house almost the entire season, but if we were to conjure up the ghost of Big Brother 15 for a moment (a terrifying thought indeed), there could be room for an Exterminators-style alliance down the road where he rounds up a couple of other people and just picks off the two sides of the house when the opportunity allows itself. It’s an interesting concept, but we do wonder where he gets those people from in this particular game. This is an interesting crop in that there are a TON of people making questionable decisions. (The Haleigh side of the house is fun, but they frequently make mistakes to the extent it’s hard to root for them.)

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