Sharp Objects episode 6 preview: The story of ‘Cherry’

Sharp Objects
What do you want to see when it comes to Sharp Objects episode 6? Let’s just say that there’s a good bit to be intrigued by still. We’re getting closer to an episode entitled “Cherry” that could offer up a number of different things, whether it be some substantial clues or also Camille’s past being exposed in a little more of a public way than she may have been prepared for. This is going to be yet another challenging episode for her, but there could also be some emotionally-tender moments for her in here, as well, as she and Amma forge a little bit more of a bond — as for the cause of this said bond, though, there are still some reasons to worry about that.

Below, the Sharp Objects episode 6 synopsis offers up a reasonably good sense as to what you can expect to see:

While it’s true that there is so much more that is happening within this episode that you don’t see here, how many details did you really expect, given that this is a show about a mystery? Unless you know the source material, there are still many question marks. The promo below does help to fill some of them in, but you certainly do get the underlying sense that there is something very dark brimming underneath the surface. We do think we’re at a point where something in the present needs to happen. It is an exceptional series, but also slow-moving in many ways.

Sharp Objects does still have a good bit of momentum going for it. It is performing reasonably well in the ratings and while we know that there is no season 2 renewal coming, we want to see still the show deliver some of its best numbers possible. It deserves to go out with its place in the pop-culture sun and we’ll do everything that we can to help ensure that this happens.

What do you think is coming on Sharp Objects episode 6, and what do you think about the progression of the story to date? Share some of your thoughts below!

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