Power season 5 episode 6 review: Did Tasha turn on Ghost, Angela?

Power season 5
Coming out of Power season 5 episode 6, one thing feels pretty clear: Angela Valdes is in some pretty deep danger. She’s gotten herself out of some tricky spots in the past but with Blanca on her tail, and with her even gaining momentum, she could find herself in prison by the time this season is over.

At one point in the episode, it did seem as though she was going to get out of this Ray Ray investigation unscathed. After all, the attempt to bring in Tasha for questioning, hoping that she would turn on Angela and Ghost, completely failed. While Tasha did find out some rather-unwelcome news regarding Angela and a bullet hole (something that Angela had a good explanation for after the fact), she did refused to say that James was responsible for Ray Ray’s death. Technically, she was telling the truth … even if nobody was altogether inclined to believe her.

The problem for Angela now is some other evidence that was discovered, which was enough to make it appear that she obstructed the case. This is enough to commit even more people to take her down, which is some really bad news given everything that she’s involved in.

In general, this was probably the most fascinating episode of the entire season for Angela, largely due to the fact that she is now in the crosshairs and she’s also closer to being back with Jamie than she’s been in quite some time. We didn’t think that this was ever going to happen, but it seems to be spawned mostly out of his own admission that he broke up with her out of fear that her life would be on the line otherwise. That was compelling enough to at least capture her attention … and for the two to kiss.

To us, the Ghost / Tasha / Angela story is the most compelling one on Power, mostly because it is the one that is really pushing forward towards a conclusion that could doom one or all of the characters. As for what’s happening elsewhere, though, we saw in this episode that Teresi may be starting to become attached to hanging out with Tommy, as he’s hesitating somewhat on his plans. Ghost has gotten his distance from Tommy over suspicion of money-laundering at Truth, not that we think that this story is at an end at all. Things are getting explosive with Dre and the Jimenez cartel (literally), and it seems as though Protctor has more to worry about than just a custody battle moving forward.

CarterMatt Verdict

Power season 5 episode 6 is an episode that brought a ton of great material to the table start to finish, and we really just hope that it spawns some great stuff moving into the future with Ghost and Angela each starting to realize that they are going to be facing so many more problems than they first expected.

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