Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Jessie Godderz returns .. sort of (day 47)

This morning has been a relatively quiet one within the Big Brother 20 house, which makes sense given the current plan. Angela won the Veto, and based on everything that we’re seeing, the plan is to still backdoor Bayleigh. Some of the women in the minority alliance last night made a strong push for her to remove Rockstar and nominate Scottie, with them trying to make the argument that everyone would protect her and it was one of the biggest moves in Big Brother history. Of course, we’re pretty confident Angela realizes that being #5 in an alliance with Faysal, Rockstar, Bayleigh, and Haleigh isn’t really a better position than the one that she’s got now.

Since there isn’t too much strategy going down in the house right now, let’s talk a little bit more about the punishments that are playing out in the game. Kaycee has to wear a peanut costume, which is reasonably amusing but given that we’ve already seen Kaycee in a costume this season, that isn’t altogether exciting.

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Meanwhile, Rockstar is now a part of Jessie’s fitness and food program, which is basically forcing her to follow some instructions via the loudspeaker about (you guess it) fitness and food. This is moderately amusing, mostly in that Rockstar is playing along with it really well. She’s talking back to Jessie and being a really sport.

Did we roll our eyes at Rockstar wanting to see Frankie Grande in the house yesterday? Sure, but we give her some credit now. We also kind of like this as a punishment as someone who’s been a staunch Mr. Pec-Tacular defender. It’s always felt like he’s been in on the joke and this is just CBS playing into that more. (Also, we still contend that Jessie as a player was in a really good spot in season 11 before screwed over by the coup d’état.)

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