Elementary season 6 episode 14 video: Is Bell under quarantine?

Elementary season 6When Elementary season 6 episode 14 comes on CBS Monday night, the stakes are high for Detective Bell. Remember that story that revolved around him possibly leaving the NYPD to join the US Marshals at the end of the season? Well, there is another problem that is starting to become clear now: He may be starting to be at the point where he may not live to see that day.

Bell is going to be doing everything that he can to be a hero in this episode, looking to stop what looks to be a bioweapon that could claim the lives of many people. In the process of doing this, though, he puts his own life at risk and he’s effectively stuck in a position where he has to either wait this out or prepare for the worst.

Trying to figure out who is responsible for causing this bioweapon’s release is going to be clearly one of the major stories of this episode, and that is where Sherlock comes in from the outside. Depending on how dangerous this weapon is, though, and also how its effects can be cured, Holmes could easily be on a race against time. This whole episode feels like yet another reminder that this just do not come easy for some of these characters. No matter what seems to happen to them, there is something that manages to come up and inevitably get in the way. It stinks, but that is apparently a part of the natural order of things for them. Watson has seen this already with her adoption plans, which at least seem to be going in another direction now.

As we’re watching this promo, though, we cannot help but wonder this: Where in the world is Michael? He was set up as this huge Big Bad earlier this summer but he has now been gone a rather long time. Are there going to be some actual plans to bring him back? You have to hope so, given that he is such a source of real, dramatic tension here — he’s the biggest threat Sherlock has faced consistently this year, given that we never actually saw Moriarty in the flesh.

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What do you think could be coming on Elementary season 6 episode 14, and how much danger do you think Bell is in? Let us know below!

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