Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Week 6 Veto winner (day 46)

Big Brother 20 premiere
Today, the Big Brother 20 week 6 Veto Competition took place in the house, and it was also over so much earlier than we ever thought that it would be.

So, who emerged on the other side victorious? Let’s just say that Angela wanted Tyler to stay in the house so badly that she gave up $5,000 to make it happen. She now holds all of the power this week, which means that she can undo Tyler being nominated and put up someone like Bayleigh in his place. That seems to be plan, mostly because she thinks that she is the hacker comp winner … even though that’s probably not the case. Our feeling, at least at the moment, is that the hacker comp winner (if it is Haleigh, as are the rumors) is going to figure out a way to slither out of this situation okay.

Granted, there is still a couple of days until the Veto Ceremony and that is a lot of time for things to change. We do think that some people on Bayleigh’s side of the house are now going to have to get creative.

After the challenge, Tyler tried to “reassure” Rockstar by telling her that while the Veto wasn’t going to be used on her, she wouldn’t be leaving the game. How reassuring is that, really?

If Angela was smart now, what she’d do is really do some digging and try to figure out who the hacker really is — personally, we do think that Bayleigh is a bigger short-term threat because of her power, but that is muted somewhat by the Hacker Comp’s presence. Haleigh is a bigger long-term threat because her social game is impeccable and she’s got good friends all over the house. She’s a real sleeper to sneak to the end of the game. Bayleigh was a decent player before her Head of Household campaign, but her ego really got the best of her there.

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