Lucifer season 4: Can we make a Katie McGrath guest spot happen?

LuciferSince we’re in a relatively quiet time when it comes to Lucifer season 4 news coming out right now, why not have a little bit of fun?

Just in case you were unaware, one of our favorite show-related things on Twitter these days is the relationship between Lauren German and Katie McGrath. They’ve appeared together at conventions in the past, and even though Katie isn’t on Twitter, the comments by Lauren about her help to make up for it. One of the latest examples can be seen below.

Given just how entertaining all of this end, can we go ahead and make it clear how outstanding it would be to have McGrath stop by Lucifer for an episode? It’s easy to think of some of the different ways the show could use her, whether it is as a new friend to Chloe Decker, a possible killer she and Lucifer face off against, or an FBI agent who collaborates with the LAPD on a case. So long as there are scenes between Katie and Lauren, we’re going to be happy in the end.

This is a fun thing to think about, and we’re certainly going to add Katie to the long list of people we’d like to see top by on Lucifer in the future. The unfortunate thing here is that it seems unlikely to happen, mostly because season 4 of Lucifer is going to be filming at the same time that season 4 of Supergirl is filming in Vancouver. Since Lucifer now films in Los Angeles, what this basically means is that in the event Katie were to ever guest star, she would have to have the time in the schedule to fly down, film Lucifer, and then fly back up. That means that the schedules would probably have to align so where she could film Lucifer at a time in which she had very little material on Supergirl, and we know there are plenty of people out there who want her on Supergirl as much as possible.

Still, the one reason to have hope that this could happen is simply this: Both shows are produced by Warner Bros. TV. With that in mind, we can at least imagine some scenarios in which they could find a way to work things out.

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