Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: The inquisition (day 45, late-night)

Big Brother 20What have we here in the Big Brother 20 house tonight? Think in terms of a mad scramble in order to figure out who is responsible for putting Tyler on the block!

In what is yet another example of how great a season this is, someone has won the Hacker Competition and thrown Tyler up there — most of the internet seems to be united that it’s Haleigh — but it’s really not 100% confirmed and won’t be until Sunday’s show. Tyler is upset, but beyond that he just realizes that he needs to win the Veto or else he’s going home. Angela can win the Veto as well, and the same goes for another person or two if they are in his alliance. He is on the block with Rockstar, which is probably the most questionable thing that the Hacker Comp winner did — if they wanted to give him a better chance at losing the Veto, keep them up there with Scotty!

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day given that the Hacker Comp winner also gets to choose a Veto player of their own. If it’s Haleigh, what if she picks Faysal to play and then he chooses to use it on Tyler? We honestly wouldn’t be shocked if he just tries to throw it so he’s not in that position.

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One thing we do think for sure now is if Tyler stays on the block, there’s a good chance he’s cooked. The Hacker Comp winner is likely going to cancel out one vote for him to stay and with that, he will be reliant on getting a vote from either Bayleigh or Faysal to stick around. It’s not a good position to be in. This is going to be a real test of whether or not Tyler is actually a top-tier player.

As for what we find entertaining, much of it comes from watching Faysal interrogate Haleigh about the power to see if she gets nervous. There’s been a lot of this going on with a lot of people.

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