Jack Ryan episode 3 review: Ali’s decision, Hanin’s escape plan

suleiman and hanin jack ryanJack had another close call when it comes to capturing Suleiman in the last episode of Jack Ryan and this time it came in the form of his younger brother Ali. Just as they were closing in on him in Paris, Ali was tipped off and he slipped away leaving a bomb to go off in the apartment with the French task force.

The aftermath of the bombing

This episode brought us right into the aftermath of the bomb explosion and for there being a bomb explosion we expected there to be more body parts and less intact dead bodies, especially of the woman who was wearing the bomb. it can blow out the entire side of the brick apartment wall but she is still in one piece?

The most important piece of information that Jack and Greer got out of this whole situation is that Ali is Suleiman’s brother. Jack learns that Ali is incredibly smart, has a business degree and was in the top 5% of his class, but despite all of this he fell onto the wrong side of the law and this baffles him.

Ali’s decision

Ali manages to get himself to a safe place with a family friend (who has known the brothers since they were young) where he logs into a video game account as a way to get in touch with his brother (a very cool and unexpected way to get in touch with his brother). They make plans for Ali to get to the rendezvous point to get him out of Paris, but not before Suleiman tells Ali to leave no witnesses behind – a decision that was incredibly difficult for Suleiman to give and even harder for Ali to receive.

Haaz Sleiman’s performance in this scene was outstanding, we could see how much even just the thought of killing this family was tearing him up inside and once again this show has made Ali and Suleiman “villains” that we are becoming more and more invested in as the show goes on.

So did Ali do what his brother asked of him? He couldn’t go through with it and because of that Greer got a lead on the family. After talking to the family and going through their apartment the team found a few leads including the video game Ali was using for communication because for some reason Ali left it on. After reading the conversations and getting a GPS on the car he borrowed Jack and the team decide to follow him to see if he leads them to Suleiman

Hanin’s escape

Hanin tried talking to her husband about how worried she was that he brought home some really scary people (that have been eyeing his young daughter) and that she felt that he was being used. He asked her to trust him and she said that she would, but her uncle has provided her and their children with passports so clearly she’s not on board with what he’s doing. Now that she has the passports she just has to find the right time to use them so she’s hidden them in her kitchen, but one of Suleiman’s men has seen what she’s done and this is going to end badly.

And badly it did end – Suleiman told the story of how he proposed to Hanin to his children saying that it was love at first sight and that even though her father offered her up to Suleiman for the night at the age of 16 he didn’t want to do that to her reminding her that he has been there for her since they met. After his story he pulls out the passports saying that their love is so strong that they have no secrets from each other… and then threw them in the fire.

Even without the passports she knows that she has to leave and escapes in the middle of the night with her 2 daughters, while the son refuses to leave and runs to Suleiman to tell him what’s happening.

When her car breaks down Hanin takes her daughters to the nearest town where she tries to secure a cab to get them to the boarder, but Suleiman has sent men out to find them and they are patrolling the town. When they find Suleiman’s family the daughters are left tied up in the car while Hanin is taken off to be raped.

What they don’t know is that the military is surveying this area with drones and is watching this all unfold. Even though he was told not to interfere by his superior, Victor sees an opportunity to save Hanin and launches a missile killing her captor and giving her a chance to escape!

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CarterMatt Verdict

There wasn’t really as much focus on Jack and the investigation in this episode and instead we really started to understand better how Suleiman’s family feels about what’s going on. Ali feels indebted to his older brother, but it’s clear that he isn’t as ruthless as him and doesn’t agree with everything he’s doing. Hanin on the other hand agrees with absolutely nothing that Suleiman is doing and is willing to break up her family to keep her children out of harms way. It’s a very interesting look at all the moving parts when the head of a family is involved with something sinister and how each person handles it in their own way.

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