Take Two episode 7 review: Did Sam, Eddie get their memory back?

Tonight, Take Two episode 7 kicked off with Sam and Eddie in a less-than-ideal place: After all, they were in bed together, sans clothing, and with no real idea as to how they got there.

Basically, what we saw from here was a quest by these two characters to retrace their steps, with some help from Berto and Monica in the process. They really took the initiative more tonight than we have seen from them and for good reason, given that Sam and Eddie were also working hard in order to figure out one of their latest cases. They were searching, apparently, for someone named Trevor Stark.

Why was he so important? Well, as it turns out he was linked to a deadly toxin that just so happened had the ability to wipe out the city … and Sam and Eddie were roped into a whole scheme that involved them being drugged in the process. That’s the great news — Sam didn’t relapse. Did they actually sleep together? That’s still not entirely clear. We are open to the idea of them being together someday … but doesn’t it feel like it’s a little bit too early to go in that direction right now? It certainly does to us.

Eventually, Sam and Eddie did figure out exactly their role in the toxin storyline, but eventually they were captured and they couldn’t really do a whole lot to change anything. That’s when they had to get creative. Sam faked a fainting spell in just enough time to ensure that the FBI could disrupt the operation. We almost had a shootout and the bad guy was stopped (as it turns out, it was a rogue agent), but not before Sam and Eddie thought that they were going to die when the toxin exploded on the ground.

Yet, it turned out that the vial that broke wasn’t the actual vile, and Sam and Eddie jumped into the shower to clean themselves off for nothing. (This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the jump-in-the-shower bit when it’s not needed, but it was still effective in bringing Sam and Eddie closer together.)

CarterMatt Verdict

While you can certainly wonder if the stakes were almost a little bit too high in this episode, at the same time this Take Two installment proved to be rather entertainment. Berto and Monica had one of their largest roles and, beyond that, Sam and Eddie got closer to being together than ever before. They’re still not actually an item, but it does seem that Take Two is moving a little bit faster than Castle when it comes to the characters exploring the feelings for each other.

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