How Netflix ratings work for Lucifer, Fuller House, other shows

Netflix ratings
Whether you love Lucifer, Fuller House, Stranger Thingsor any other show on Netflix, there is one thing that really binds them together: The ratings.

Yet, with Netflix especially it’s a little bit harder to know what they are looking for. Netflix does not publicly release ratings information and because of that, it can be rather baffling to know precisely how shows are performing. There are some “studies” that do occasionally release estimations, but even with those there is no guarantee of accuracy.

While we cannot tell you the viewership of many of your favorite shows, within this article we hope to offer up some different information: What Netflix really looks at in order to determine whether or not to keep shows or cancel them.

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1. Watching the first episode of a season quickly – Netflix wants to know that there’s a demand for one of their programs, and it’s something that they can build some hype around. This is why they often choose to release their shows on a Friday — so viewers can get hooked right away! If you want to support your favorite show, don’t wait too long to check out the first episode and get that viewership high. This gives Netflix a chance to see what the viewership is like right away.

2. Make it to the end of the season – This is one of the reasons why Netflix canceled Everything Sucks! — there weren’t enough viewers who actually watched the end of the season. Netflix works differently than broadcast TV, where you can miss a few episodes at the end of the season and simply wait to watch them in the new year before the next season begins. Netflix needs to see that you’re still watching their shows all the way through! That’s how they can be confident that you’ll keep watching it moving forward. Otherwise, they may just assume that you’ve given up and aren’t going to watch more down the road.

3. Watch the full season at a relatively quick pace – We don’t think that it needs to be in a week or even a month. Most Netflix shows have to wait at least a couple of months to learn about a renewal — ideally, the best thing to help a show’s chances is to watch a full season within that span of time. Think of it in terms of a new episode a week. If you do that and you finish, you are helping the renewal chances.

Obviously, there are other factors that go into Netflix shows getting renewed — there have to be enough people viewing in order to justify the cost! Yet, these three things will help you to ensure that you are doing your part to keep your favorites on the air.

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