Big Brother 20 episode 16 review: The Bayleigh – Tyler power battle

One of the big things that Big Brother 20 hyped up at the start of the episode was that Bayleigh was, effectively, drunk with power. We do get why CBS would want to paint this picture of her, given that she was extremely demanding of her fellow players and tried too hard to demonstrate how great she was in the game.

Yet, was she really that bad? We wouldn’t necessarily say so. Instead, we’d just put her on the same level as many other people within the game. She just spent too much time trying to prove herself as a future player when she should be trying to just lay low and be firm, but also thoughtful. The best think that you can do as HoH is just listen; at times, she didn’t do that all that well, but we don’t think her game is necessarily doomed because of anything tonight. Her big mistake was telling Rachel about the power app.

What we think at the moment is that this episode is really about Tyler and him managing to emerge from a really difficult situation okay. He won a Veto to secure his safety, which we understand him wanting to do since anything could happen within this game. Yet, he put himself in a difficult spot — not using the Veto angers his alliance, but using it angers Bayleigh. He somehow managed to figure out a way to keep most people happy with him tonight, and that is with him navigating Bayleigh stirring the pot somewhat by trying to drive a wedge between Rachel, Tyler, and Angela. It’s a strength of his social game that he never quite freaks out.

Ultimately, the best thing about this week is that the Bayleigh – Tyler battle lives to fight another day. We love having these two go head to head just because they’ve got these Power Apps that could cause a lot of chaos in the game. Tyler’s done a good job of keeping his a secret, but we do think that other people are going to suspect him anyway.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This episode was reasonably entertaining, but other than a “Samzilla” animation during her timed Veto Competition, nothing in here is altogether shocking to the average viewer. We had high hopes for the Brett Veto speech after what he did last time, but unfortunately, there were no psychic visions or angering people like Kaitlyn this time. We didn’t even get to see a speech from him! With that said, Tyler’s was pretty great since it was all about playing into Bayleigh’s ego to help him down the road.

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