America’s Got Talent review: Jeffrey Li, Fratelli Rossi, & Judge Cuts #3

America's Got Talent season 13

America’s Got Talent this week is bringing you the third Judge Cuts show, and with that we’ve also got a rather-notable guest judge in Martina McBride! The country-music great is here to offer up her take on what should be a fairly fun show with a lot of great variety in it.

In this particular review, you’re going to be able to see our take on every single act that takes part the moment that they are doing performing. Be sure to refresh live, as you don’t want to miss any updates along the way.

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Savitsky Cats – There was that one cat that almost didn’t do a trick, and that cat is the shining example of real cat owners with their cats all over the country. The act is still very good1 We’d put it through just because there are few other cat-training acts you are ever going to see.

The PAC Dance Team – Could the show make any more obvious that this was their favorite dance team? It’s the only one that got a lot of attention, but we do give them credit: For a high school dance team, this was an excellent concept and really well-executed.

Angel Garcia – We didn’t see a lot of him, but this was a really nice, Spanish-language rendition of “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. In a few years, he could have a career on the Latin charts.

Jeffrey Li – We’re admittedly not a fan of these kids coming out and doing these big ballads, just because we don’t feel the emotional connection as much. Jeffrey probably had the better vocal performance; yet, at the same time we’d say Angel had the more interesting arrangement.

Quin and Misha – Here is where we’re torn on this act. This act is amazing because of the age gap between the partners. Yet, we’ve seen all of these moves before and better with other pairings. They just have a stronger story backing them up. Of course, this gets a Golden Buzzer and we now feel like a hypocrite for complaining about there being no variety acts getting it.

Noah Guthrie – We actually would’ve preferred Noah getting the Golden Buzzer even though he’s yet another singer! He just did such a solid, inventive take on “Whipping Post” that was fairly mesmerizing from start to finish.

Fratelli Rossi – These guys are incredible acrobats who are dangerous and can do something that almost nobody else can. This is what a Golden Buzzer act really looks like since it is so unique and well-executed. There were no tumbles this week, so it helps.

Oliver Graves – The first joke about transitioning was probably a little too controversial for this show, but some of the lines in here were fairly good. Oliver has good jokes and we did really like his audition. The one problem we have is that it’s hard to really pin down who he actually is — it’s hard to be a one-liner comic in 2018.

UDI – A wonderful dance performance amplified further by the props, the visual effects, and the attempt to be different from Light Balance and any other act that we’ve had a chance to see.

We Three – While we enjoyed their first performance, we were worried that we would always relate them to the story of their mother. They started to separate themselves somewhat tonight and that is appreciated — their talent is clearly there, and it’s going to be up to song choice here on out.

The Sacred Riana – She closed out the performances and while she was fantastic, she is apparently too scary for the judges … which is one of the most ridiculous things ever.

Check out the results tonight now!

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