Lethal Weapon season 3: Series exec on plans to tie together Riggs story

Lethal Weapon season 2 promoLeading up to Lethal Weapon season 3, there is obviously one key question: How will the series resolve things with Martin Riggs?

The departure of Clayne Crawford at this point (and the controversy all around it) is pretty well-documented. Yet, Riggs does still have a role in the show even if he is physically not there anymore. His story was critical to the development of many other major characters and we imagine that in some form, he will be remembered. It certainly does seem as though there is a plan to tie some loose ends up in the early going this season.

In speaking further on the subject of trying to honor the Riggs character to TVInsider, executive producer Matt Miller had the following to say:

Again, Riggs was shot at the end of Season 2 so we’re going to play that as the direction at the top of Season 3. It’s a delicate balancing act because we’re looking to launch a new character in the premiere and, at the same time, pay proper respect to the Riggs character. It’s about finding that balance between paying proper respect to the first two seasons of the show and also, at the same time, launching a new show that feels equally exciting and interesting and dramatic and funny and romantic and all the other things that we sort of had in that stew of Season 1 and 2. We’re going to close the Riggs chapter and start a new one in a way that feels properly respectful of Riggs and at the same time, exciting and an enthusiastic way to launch our new season.

It has already been reported (and discussed in the video below — subscribe for more news on all things TV) that Seann William Scott has come on board the show this season in the role of Wesley Cole, a new arrival with a particular sort of training that could make him rather valuable to the entire team. While it remains to be seen if the creative for this season is going to be particularly addictive, we do think that there is a bigger challenge that this season is facing than ever before. After all, they have to figure out a way in which to try and satisfy and make them buy into the direction that the story is going. That’s not going to be an easy task.

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