Salvation season 2 episode 6 review: Darius’ new role

Salvation season 2 episode 6Here is one of the funny things about Salvation — things can turn on a dime rather quickly! It was only a handful of episodes where we first learned that Darius was the new Vice President. During tonight’s episode, he contemplated turning in his resignation.

Over the course of this episode, we learned that Darius was far from the first person who had some of these questions when it comes to his future — Grace was struggling to stay afloat with what she’d done and contemplated turning herself in … at least once some of her current duties were over.

Really, we would consider Salvation season 2 episode 6 was an episode about acceptance more so than it was action. Darius and Grace, for example, had to accept what they meant to the world. Meanwhile, Liam had to accept that he constantly found himself straddling the line between being on Darius’ side and working with Re/Syst. Liam thought that he was using the hacker group in order to try institute his plan … only to then end up being betrayed by higher-ups in the company. This is when Liam stood up and had a voice — he accused Re/Syst of refusing to work with Darius for the sake of saving the planet. Unfortunately, it turned out that he was out on an island with this viewpoint.

While Liam was fighting for his own path without the support of the group that he had previously (and temporarily) joined, tonight President Mackenzie delivered one of her biggest speeches of the season. With Monroe Bennett gone, she had a chance to stand front and center with her people — and with her Vice President, who was still forging his plans behind the scenes. (For the record, Harris isn’t altogether interested in the role.)

Given that everyone was feeling relatively good after Mackenzie’s rally, it was pretty darn clear that something terrible was going to happen minutes later. That came courtesy of a bullet being fired directly in the direction of the President. She was shot, and all of a sudden Darius found himself in a role that he was not expecting — leader of the free world. In a very short period of time, he went from wanting to leave his post to having to take on a larger one.

No matter the aftermath that follows Mackenzie’s death, it is clear that this marks a huge game-changer for the show. All of a sudden Darius is even more important, but he’s also coming to grips with a responsibility that he did not want.

CarterMatt Verdict

For those out there who were clamoring to see both Darius and Liam taking the bull by the horns, Salvation season 2 episode 6 gave you that opportunity. While it took some time for this episode to really start building momentum, it was worth it for the final minutes.

Basically, Darius has to accept that this is his life now.

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