Should Vikings season 5 move into Rollo spin-off? Why it could be fun

Rollo VikingsAt the moment, we know that Vikings season 5 is slated to premiere on History this November (it’s still super far away but we are thrilled to have a premiere date!). If that wasn’t exciting enough, we also know that we’re getting something else that we consider to be rather special in the return of Rollo! For the first time in a long time, Clive Standen is returning to the series and will have a rather nice arc in the process.

It’s going to give us an opportunity to see more of Rollo and understand what has happen to him since we last saw him. We know that he gave his army to Ivar to help on his attack on Kattegat and we know that he’s on a boat sailing (presumably) to Kattegat to see what ivar is up to, but out side of that we haven’t gotten much in the way of an update on his life in France. We’ve never made it a secret that we want more Rollo on Vikings, but could there be a chance at a Rollo spin-off at some point in the future?

At the moment, we would say that the answer to this is an unequivocal yes for one simple reason: Rollo is a character with so much more story to tell in France and with people we don’t know all that well through this show. Finding a way to consider the spin off is a rather enormous challenge since you want to capture the spirit of that show while also, at the same time, striving to do something a little bit different. Rollo is a very complicated character since he’s been torn between his new life as a husband in France and his viking roots and as we have seen over the years, he’s unpredictable and will sell anyone out if he needs too – including his own brother Ragnar.

Putting Rollo at the center of his own show does feel like the best way to keep the story going for a number of different reasons. For starters, we know Clive Standen is a great leading man thanks to his work on Taken. He’s more than capable of being at the center of a show and fully understands the responsibilities that go with it. We also know that he can blend drama and action rather well.

Also, just imagine the trouble that he could get into and the things that he could do! A part of what makes Rollo so interesting as a character is that despite the fact that he can be seen as a traitor, he’s still so likable to viewers. This is still a character who is rather easy to root for no matter what he’s done.

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