Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Tyler learns about Bayleigh’s power

Tyler - Big BrotherIn our Big Brother 20 live feed update for the morning of day 41, one of the things that we have to recount is a very important development from last night: Tyler learning the truth, finally, about Bayleigh’s power.

It actually took Tyler a little bit longer to find out about this than we thought that it would, but the game of telephone got back to him last night. Rachel initially told Angela a little bit earlier in the week about the power, which Bayleigh had told her about before nominations. Not everyone knows all of the information, such as when the power actually ends, but they know what it does: It allows her to basically have a free Head of Household, or at least the first part of it.

What this is causing Tyler to do now is find a way in which to backdoor Bayleigh sooner rather than later. If he wins the next Head of Household, we imagine that his plan is going to be to nominate two people on Bayleigh’s side and hope that she doesn’t care enough to use her power then. After that, he can backdoor her and get her out of the game before she can use it. It’s a tricky plan since she would probably be nervous if someone on the other side of the alliance is in power in the first place. If we were Tyler and we won the next HoH, we would just tell Bay that we weren’t nominating her because she didn’t nominate him.

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The Veto Ceremony is taking place later today and Tyler doesn’t plan to change the nominations. This is his way of showing to Bayleigh and her side that he doesn’t want to mess what what they are doing. He also has talked to both JC and also Sam to ensure that he has the votes already for Brett to stay over Rachel.

Do you think that Tyler or anyone else is going to be able to take out Bayleigh without her using her power? Share now in the comments!

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