Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Is a guys’ alliance forming? (day 40, evening)

FaysalWe were really wondering when this was going to happen — after all, we’re in the fifth week of Big Brother 20 and only one guy has gone home. If Bayleigh gets her way this week, a fourth one will leave the game in Brett.

The irony here is that this season hasn’t even had all of that explicit a women’s alliance until recently, and even that it’s not like it’s many of the players’ #1 focus. We actually think that helps it stay strong, since there isn’t really as much pressure on it.

Yet, there’s been some paranoia on the idea of this for the past week or two, and now we are starting to sense some of the guys coming together around the idea. This evening, Scottie and Faysal talked about the idea of working more with Tyler, recognizing that the three of them have a ton of competition wins this season and they could dominate many of the comps to come while protecting each other. They could also work to protect JC without saying all that much about it at the same time. They have to still get together and talk with Tyler about it, which shouldn’t be all that hard since they are all Have-Nots for the week.

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If this comes together, we see it more as an agreement than an alliance in which they all won’t immediately go after each other. We’re just not sure it really can given that Scottie and Faysal are probably still going to try to take out Brett this week, which is something that Tyler is on the opposite side of. He’s already made it clear that he wants to keep Brett around and if he can execute the plan that was talked about earlier, he may be able to have the votes for it to happen.

Tyler is playing a risky game with so many plans, but let’s still be clear: He’s done a very good job so far and is playing the best overall game. The thing we’re the most worried about with him is that he’s won so many competitions that he is the perfect person to try and get rid of in a double eviction. That’s one of those occasions in which he’s not going to be able to talk himself out of being in trouble.

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