Big Brother 20 episode 15 review: Did Bayleigh play this right?

BayleighTonight, Big Brother 20 episode 15 gave us a chance to see a couple of different, valuable things, starting with a surprising admission: Tyler may have been the best Head of Household this season, and that was before anyone knew what they were doing.

While we do think that Bayleigh’s reign is turning out okay judging from some of what we’ve seen on the live feeds as of late, it certainly did not start off that way. The way that she handled Faysal in particular wasn’t the sort of thing that would make him want to root for her moving forward. The same goes for JC, and we even saw during a confessional that he didn’t appreciate being ordered what to do.

Still, at least Bay didn’t botch her nominations at all. Putting up Rachel and Brett was a good move in that it ensures that Level 6 cannot turn things around and keep their entire alliance. They were never going to work with her first and, because of that, it’s okay if either one of them leave.

As for one of the mistakes Bayleigh did make, why tell Rachel about her power app, only to then put her on the block? We don’t get that move given that Rachel now has a greater reason to tell other people about the power out of pure anger and frustration.

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So Rachel and Brett are now on the block, and prominently the most notable thing about this episode otherwise is just how much Bayleigh dominated the Head of Household Competition. She was the first person to go and killed it so much that the competition could’ve just been stopped the moment that she wrapped it up.

Elsewhere, the show gave us some random stuff tonight, including a JC / Faysal sitcom segment and also a lot of suspicion around how shady Scottie is … though we’re really not getting enough of Scottie on the show for viewers at home to understand. Scottie and Angela, in general, are probably the two most under-developed characters on the show at the moment.

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