Claws season 2 episode 8 review: Who is wearing a wire?

Claws season 2 episode 1Going into Claws season 2 episode 8, there was one thing that was firmly on our mind: Who was the traitor? Who was the person who was setting up Desna, which in turn led to her arrest?

Going into Sunday night, it was easy to point the finger at Quiet Ann given that she was with Arlene and she just so happened to be the arresting officer. However, it turned out that Ann was as in-the-dark as anyone, and it was another major character who ended up being betrayed: Polly. Kenneth Brickman was the one actually wearing a wire, mostly because he had his own legal trouble he was trying to avoid. It was his action that led to Desna’s arrest and some of the ensuing chaos.

With this, Arlene and Kenneth are now done, but that wasn’t the only relationship chaos tonight. Quiet Ann and Arlene now seem done after she realized that Arlene may have just been using her this whole time. Meanwhile, Desna, following her arrest, found herself in a position where she was actually getting answers from Zlata. She got confirmation that Gregory and her were in cahoots and that she was getting set up in her own way. That’s where she found herself in a position negotiating with Zlata in order to prove that she was more valuable alive — and more valuable than Gregory. That’s why, at the end of the episode, she negotiated a new plan that could lead to Gregory’s eventual death and Desna opening up a few more clinics for Zlata down the road.

There are consequences for every action, though, and that includes seeing Dean realize that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with some of this anymore. He made the choice at the end of the episode that he wanted to move in with Virginia, a place that was more stable for himself. Desna feels like she’s in too deep; she doesn’t want to hurt Dean, but she’s making the choices that she feels she has to make. Dean is now making his, which is great from a writing point of view in that these are all characters thinking with their own sovereignty in mind.

CarterMatt Verdict

What makes Claws so great in terms of where it is right now is that we’ve got so many different characters actually thinking for themselves. They recognize that there is a bigger picture beyond themselves but they also want some happening. That’s what Bryce and Jenn still are intent on trying to work things out, why Dean wants someone to take him seriously, and also why Desna finds herself making decisions that she would have probably never made otherwise.

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