Is Shamier Anderson leaving Wynonna Earp after season 3 episode 3?

Wynonna Earp

Tonight, Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 2 brought you many different things, whether it be Wynonna having daydreams of her mother to see Waverly star in one of the world’s most uncomfortable games of charades. She found herself kidnapped and locked in a cage going into the episode tonight, which put the emphasis on Wynonna in order to find her … once she was able to find herself and get her bearings in the first place.

We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves here, though, mostly because there was some really beautiful stuff within the first half of the episode, as well. Melanie Scrofano and Megan Follows did some really beautiful stuff in some of the mother-daughter scenes, even if the mother was not really there. We still got a sense as to the common ground between them and some of how Wynonna is feeling about her mom suddenly being back in her life.

Eventually, Waverly was rescued (of course), but somehow, that proved to be the tip of the iceberg for all of the different problems involving the team. Basically, what we ended up seeing was Bulshar arrive back at the scene of the accident and for chaos to unfold all around that as Nicole’s life ended up being in grave danger … at least temporary. This entire episode felt like a revolving door for various characters in jeopardy — first it was Waverly, and then after that, it was Nicole. As the episode continued, it was clear that something terrible was happening to Dolls … and the stakes seemed to be even higher here than for some of the other characters.

Is Dolls actually going to die? As we entered the final act of the episode, we absolutely had that fear given that he was unresponsive and may have completely given himself up in the battle against Bulshar. It seemed, alas, as though Dolls didn’t make it in the end. The surface-level way to think about this is the Shamier Anderson is done with the show, but things are never quite that cut-and-dry with this show. Heroes never die … right?

Update: It does, alas, seem as though this was Anderson’s last episode of the show.

CarterMatt Verdict

If the goal for the producers of Wynonna Earp was to have us spending almost the entire episode freaking out incessantly about the future of some of these characters, mission accomplished. This was an episode that brought a lot to the table, and that included devastation. A LOT OF DEVASTATION.

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