Lucifer season 4 spotlight: The future for Dan Espinoza

Lucifer season 3 episode 22What could be coming up for Dan Espinoza on Lucifer season 4? Now that we’re on the other side of San Diego Comic-Con we are bringing our character spotlights back, and there’s a lot to discuss here when it comes to Kevin Alejandro’s character.

One of the things that we really love about Dan is that he is the sort of guy who can be both an asset for Lucifer Morningstar and then also a thorn in his side. How he reacts to him really depends on the situation and also the nature of the case that he’s working on. Yet, the Dan/Lucifer team-up episodes are some of the show’s funniest and, despite whatever tension may somewhat be there, Dan’s a good guy and a good father. There’s also a lot of great story to explore moving forward, and that brings us to some of the suggestions that CarterMatt has for what lies ahead.

1. The aftermath of Charlotte’s death – Because of when it happened and the “bonus” episodes being set down the line, we haven’t really had a chance to explore all of this. How is Dan going to handle losing her right when his feelings were fully out in the open? We imagine that there is going to be a lot of conflict and anger here that he could have, and we don’t want to skimp out on that just for the sake of returning things to normal.

2. What next for Dan with Pierce gone? – Is there a chance for him to move up the ranks, or would that go to some other character? We do think that there’s some merit in Pierce taking Marcus’ place in that it enables Lucifer and Chloe to spend the bulk of their time working together while also giving him a chance to go out in the field here and there himself.

3. Different character pairings – Can we get a full episode that has mostly a Maze / Dan storyline, or how about one mostly with Ella and Dan? Play around with the cast a little bit since that is often a good time.

4. Of course, Dan / Lucifer episodes – We know that there are only ten episodes in season 4, and with that some things need to be condensed. Still, we’d like to see them take the lead on maybe a couple of episodes. We do like the moments where Dan proves his effectiveness to Lucifer, mostly because Lucifer often spends so much time trolling him.

What do you want to see regarding Dan on Lucifer season 4? Let us know right now in the comments!

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