Better Call Saul season 4 cast, producers tribute Michael McKean

Better Call Saul season 4

There are many different things to look forward to regarding Better Call Saul season 4, but one of the most painful ones is easily going to be having to say goodbye to Michael McKean as Chuck McGill. He was a significant character both in the story of the show and also the essence of how Jimmy is.

Who is Chuck, exactly? While he did have his fear of electricity and rarely ever wanted to leave the house, he was also incredibly intelligent and formidable, especially when motivated to be so. He was not the most likable guy by any means, mostly because so much of his motivation was jealousy. He could not handle the fact that Jimmy was able to find success despite not doing anything the right way. He felt like Jimmy didn’t deserve anything he had and was ready to fight him on just about everything along the way.

In the video below, you can see McKean discuss playing Chuck for three seasons while Bob Odenkirk, co-creator Peter Gould, and many others tribute his performance. Chuck left an enormous mark on Jimmy’s life and his history. Even if he hated the man, he cannot avoid or escape everything that happened because of him. Chuck tethered Jimmy down to a certain element of reality — he forced him to look at himself in the mirror and to also realize that his actions would have something resembling consequences. Chuck often took it to an extreme far greater than he should, but he was never ready to allow Jimmy to take advantage of a system to get ahead.

With Chuck now gone, we’re preparing to see Jimmy go off the rails. The new season premieres on AMC in a little over a week, and Cartermatt is going to be around for more coverage every step of the way.

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(Photo: AMC.)

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