Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Kaitlyn Herman’s (possible) last stand (day 37, morning)

KaitlynThis morning marks (potentially) the final day for Kaitlyn Herman in the Big Brother 20 house, which means this is potentially the final time the editors are going to be able to use some of those cheesy gong sound effects for the show.

Based on most of what we saw in the house last night, it still seems as though Kaitlyn is going to go home and there is a chance that it is a unanimous vote. We just don’t see her getting enough people to flip to her side. She needs to be able to get not only everyone in Level 6 who is remaining, but then also Bayleigh to flip. We just don’t think that people like Angela, Kaycee, and Bayleigh are really altogether ready to stick their neck out for Kaitlyn.

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Kaitlyn did try to campaign to a certain extent last night, thought it felt more like she was just pleading to Tyler for various reassurance. She hasn’t done a good job this week of going to the right people with tangible reasons why she should stay … and she still may end up coming back because of Sam’s power. We have a hard time believing that this is her final day in the house even if she gets evicted.

There was also some random drama in the house that unfolded last night. For starters, you had Faysal proclaiming that Kaitlyn told him early on in the season that the two of them are “soulmates” — which of course brings back all of that boyfriend drama and it’s going to be really awkward if she shouts him out in her speech tonight. Meanwhile, there’s also her using Tyler’s deceased father as a way to manipulate him, which is really quite gross and she can go home just for that alone. Kaitlyn’s good drama, but she’s also a terrible Big Brother player and we feel like her game has reached its expiration date.

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