Big Brother 20 episode 13 review: Faysal’s Veto decision drama

FaysalGoing into Big Brother 20 episode 13 airing on CBS on Wednesday night, there was one way in which to describe the drama: Delicious.

After all, how else can you describe some of the Veto-related chaos that happened over the course of the night? It started with Faysal proclaiming that he was going to save both Kaitlyn and Haleigh both if they were going to win the Veto. Clearly, he either thought that he wasn’t going to win it or someone was going to make that decision for him. Instead, he had feelings for Haleigh and wanted to use it on her.

The most entertaining part of this episode was seeing Faysal anguish over his decision at the Veto Ceremony while Kaitlyn talked about “vibrational shifts” and other stuff in the Diary Room. Faysal tonight was basically the Bachelor who tells both of his final two women that he loves them. Then, he has to still choose one of them over the other. Faysal getting angry about a situation that he put himself in was pretty priceless. Rest assured that we’ve loved having some fun at Kaitlyn’s expense throughout most of the season, but we do understand how she was feeling here.

Also, Faysal called Kaitlyn “Haleigh” at one point tonight … and that was priceless.

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Bonus points tonight for bringing back the always-welcome Rachel Reilly to host the Veto Competition, even though we do wish that there was a chance to see her more than we did.

You see? We’re focusing on all of this over the most uncomfortable part of the episode, and that was the fallout of Sam deciding to say that Kaitlyn and Haleigh are not “empowered” enough for her taste in her nomination speech. They were, understandably, both very upset. If Sam wants to believe that, there’s nothing stopping her. Yet, her making her nominations terrible was both awful gameplay and her immediately losing a number of fans all over the country. If that happened before the Power App was administered, it’s hard to imagine that she would’ve ever gotten the Bonus Life in the first place.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a solid episode for the vantage point of drama, but there also wasn’t one extremely-fantastic moment here — beyond Sam almost nominating JC before he talked her out of it in the middle of the Veto Ceremony. Is that even allowed? We have no clue, but it worked so good on JC for finding a way to ensure that he didn’t go on the block.

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