Frasier reboot being considered by Kelsey Grammer, CBS TV Studios

Frasier revival, season 1

It does appear as though Kelsey Grammer is starting to take the idea of a Frasier reboot a little more seriously than ever before.

According to a new report from Deadline, the actor is currently meeting with some different writers who are pitching a few different concepts. Reps for both the actor and CBS TV Studios are not commenting at the moment, but this seems to be something worth watching out for moving forward if you are a fan of the original series.

If a new version of Frasier does happen it’s not meant to be a new season of the same show that you’ve seen before. Much like Frasier evolved the character Frasier Crane who you came to know and care about from Cheers, the new version would take that character and move him into a very different sort of environment. This almost certainly means that there would be some new cast members and brand new stories to tell.

Does this make sense? Well, given the success of Frasier it’s hard to really argue that this is anything but a good idea for the network that ends up with this show, but for fans we would want the return of this character to be worth it with a really solid story idea. It would be difficult to bring back the series in the previous form given that John Mahoney, who played Frasier’s dad on Frasier for eleven seasons, is no longer with us and he was a huge part of the show.

The original Frasier aired on NBC and was a staple in their Thursday-night lineup. It generated some enormous ratings for almost the entirety of its run and with Will & Grace drawing big ratings and Roseanne briefly being a big hit on ABC before its cancellation, it’s no surprise that the studio would want to bring the show back. Because NBC does not actually produce the series behind the scenes, we don’t think it’s necessarily a guarantee it would return there. It actually seems like a solid compliment to the new Murphy Brown that is airing on CBS this fall.

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