Roseanne Barr sets first TV interview since firing by ABC

Roseanne BarrWhile Roseanne Barr has done a podcast and a bizarre, YouTube “interview” since her firing by ABC, she has yet to do a sit-down anywhere … at least until now.

Tonight, Fox News announced that Barr will be appearing on Thursday night’s new episode of Hannity, which is set to air at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time. Apparently this will be a live interview, which means that there is a reasonably good chance that this could veer off in just about any direction.

Among the topics that are slated, apparently, for this interview are the comments that Barr made on Twitter about Valerie Jarrett that got her fired. With this, we do have a follow-up question of our own: Why? Is there really anything that we can learn from all of this that we have not learned already in some other context? From a viewership standpoint, it just doesn’t feel as though there is anything that is going to be learned here that isn’t already out there. There is no ABC perspective to this interview, so really it is just Barr stating her point of view on a network that shares a similar political ideology to her — at least at the moment.

The question that we’re the most curious about, and we’re not sure as to whether or not it will be asked, is whether or not Roseanne is going to do anything negative around the time that ABC is premiering their new spin-off series The Conners. The premiere date for this show was just announced earlier today and Roseanne claims that she did not want any money in return for allowing the series to continue so that other people could keep their jobs. With that in mind, will she do or say anything on social media leading up to it that harms them? There are a number of different implications to the spin-off, and Roseanne does still have a certain degree of power with her fans.

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