NCIS, the 400th episode, and our dream Cote de Pablo scenario

Cote de PabloAre you ready for the NCIS 400th episode? We definitely are, but it’s still a good ways out.

Let’s try to put this in to perspective: In the event that both this season and next one are 24 episodes each, the 400th episode would air at some point near the end of season 17. This is, of course, complicated by the fact that there has not been a season 17 officially ordered just yet. It seems likely, but we have to wait for the ratings come in to determine whether or not NCIS is about to fall off of some sort of commercial cliff.

Now, we’re going to get to what is at the heart of this article: The dream Cote de Pablo scenario for this episode. After all, milestone episodes are a great opportunity to tell a huge story, one that reminds you of earlier seasons and bring back great memories that pull at the die heard fans heartstrings. NCIS is the sort of show that people are watching with their friends and families, and one that has you easily forming attachments to some of the characters in a powerful way. For years, Ziva was the sort of person we sat down with each week and felt like we really knew her. She was passionate, funny, adventurous, and beautifully-played. Her departure remains one of the saddest moments in the show’s history, as does the idea of her being killed off.

Yet, remember that Michael Weatherly doesn’t think that Ziva is actually dead, and we don’t think anyone among the fan base does either (and that includes us). Therefore, it feels like there should be at least one more episode giving both Ziva and Tony the ending that they deserve together — and, to go along with it, an episode that is especially meaty. What a better time to do that than with episode #400?

For starters, there are logistical reasons why it could work. If NCIS waits to film this episode last (or at least close to last), they could buy themselves enough time so that Weatherly could be done with Bull (assuming that it gets another season, as well) and he could come back for an appearance. If the story is good enough, we like to think that the producers would be able to get back Cote, as well. There are different showrunners now and we do think over the past year they’ve told some really creative stories. We do think that they could offer her a compelling one that is about how Ziva could eventually find her way back to Tony … with some help, of course from the team.

We recognize that this is a pipe dream, especially since there are so many characters on NCIS at this point who don’t even know Ziva and wouldn’t have a connection to her. Gibbs and McGee would have to be at the center of things from a field office point of view. Still, this episode, with the right story and the reunited cast, could be the perfect 400th episode — one that fans would remember for years to come.

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