Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: All roads lead to Sam (day 35, morning)

Sam BledsoeWe’re back with our first Big Brother 20 live feed update for day 35, and at the center of this one is a key decision that needs to be made in regards to Sam.

The more that we see various campaigns this week, the clearer it is that we’re gearing up for a tie vote. Tyler, Angela, Rachel, Brett, and Kaycee are in the camp of keeping Kaitlyn (someone who has worked with them in the past), whereas Faysal, Haleigh, JC, Bayleigh, and Scottie are all in the camp of keeping Rockstar. Rockstar is clearly the more demoralized of the two nominees right now, at least in the sense that there needed to be a pep talk for her last night to keep fighting.

Really, what both Kaitlyn and Rockstar need to do over the next day or two is just completely block away any negativity that they have and just go to Sam in order to campaign. She is the tiebreaker and her vote is going to matter the most moving forward.

If Sam was thinking mostly in terms of her own allegiances in the game, she’d probably keep Kaitlyn. She is one of the reasons why she didn’t have to use her power the first week and beyond just that, both women are fairly close to Tyler. Rockstar, meanwhile, is firmly entrenched in the alliance that voted to evict her fairly early on in the season. This is a move that could either solidify Sam with one group or bring her closer to the other … though it’s possible whoever is evicted ends up coming back.

One of the weird complications to this week is the fact that nobody quite knows precisely how difficult the challenge for a player to return to the game will be. That throws another interesting layer of mystery and unpredictability into the mix. Personally, we think the competition will be so simple as Julie Chen asking them their name and them going back into the house; we know that there needs to be at least one returning evictee in order for the show to make it 99 days and also still have a Double Eviction or something of that like down the line.

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