Elementary season 6 episode 11 review: Is Marcus Bell leaving?

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Elementary season 6 episode 11 started off with a case that is different than most: One revolving around a missing woman named Maria. The more that Holmes and Watson found out about this case, the more complicated that it became.

For starters, this is a woman who worked in secret as a “financial dominatrix” — someone who relishes having financial power over others and courts people who are into this particular thing. She also has some unusual passions within the world of robots and various contraptions. She and another guy basically got themselves involved in a gun operation, one that ended up running so much deeper than anyone would have thought.

If you love cases with everything from interesting twists to trebuchets, this episode may very well be your cup of tea. It was one of our favorite cases in a while, even if it was fairly inconsequential in how it wasn’t linked to too much else.

Now, we have another matter to get to…

Is Jon Michael Hill (Detective Bell) leaving?

Will Bell take the new job opportunity? This was the decision that he was facing for most of the episode, as he got an opportunity to join the US Marshals. This is a chance for him to be able to utilize some of his skills on a larger platform and because of that, Sherlock actually encouraged him to leave. It was a pretty wonderful moment of reflection, as Sherlock knew that someday, Gregson would retire, and it would be very well possible that Sherlock and Watson may no longer be consultants. His entire job could be different if he stays, and it was a choice that he didn’t have too long in order to make.

In the end, though, Marcus decided to go through with furthering along his application to the Marshals. It’s not quite done yet, as he has more work to do in New York and studies to complete, but come six months’ time, he could be off to training. We’re not going so far as to say that Hill is leaving the series just yet, but this is certainly something to be aware of with this character moving through the remainder of the season.

CarterMatt Verdict

While Elementary season 6 episode 11 was a very-strong episode creatively, we do still think that the Bell storyline is going to remain on viewers’ minds the most. This show has been reliant on its strong but very-capable cast, and if we do end up losing one of them by the end of the season, that will be a rather-difficult pill to swallow … even if people moving on from their previous jobs is a part of life.

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