Salvation season 2 episode 5 review: The fall of Monroe Bennett

Tonight, Salvation season 2 started things off with a crisis — and a rather epic one. After all, protecting the White House in the midst of huge political chaos was of the utmost priority, but as you would imagine with this show, that was not an easy task in the slightest.

As for the reason why, much of that stems here from the fact that Bennett and his people are not being altogether willing to stand by and let anything, including a Supreme Court ruling, stop him from getting back the White House. For much of the episode, the White House found themselves cut off from communication, unable to make contact with the outside world. Darius, Harris, and Grace had to figure out how to do everything they could in order to ensure both their safety and also the country’s, and that meant having to make some controversial decisions. For starters, Grace ended up working with Claire’s brother, somewhat of a surprise given the nature of their relationship for most of the season.

Beyond that, we saw some of our heroes do what they could in order to set Bennett up, and that included trying to set him up in order to make him think that he had a temporary victory. These people are smart, and what we saw in this episode proves it. If there’s one thing that we know Bennett has more so than anything else, it’s a gigantic ego. He relishes in the thought of being in charge.

Then, the other side of Darius and Grace’s plan came into effect: The Justice’s proclamation of Mackenzie remaining President was broadcast for everyone to see and with that, it was going to be very hard for him to be able to retain his power. The moment that the truth was out there, Mackenzie was able to influence the soldiers within the Oval Office to flip over to her side. Monroe Bennett was arrested and, at least for the time being, this part of the nightmare was over. Granted, there are still many other problems that all of our heroes are going to have to taken on … including of course the fate of the world. That’s probably a problem for another episode, though, since we’re going to relish in the victory tonight.

CarterMatt Verdict

Salvation season 2 episode 5 continued to build on the best episode of the season last week, doing its part in order to deliver a fantastic episode stuffed with a few different twists … after all, there is nothing quite like setting a man this unseemly for a fall!

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