Blue Bloods season 9: Beyond a wedding, what should happen for Jamko?

Blue Bloods season 9

These two are one of my favorite TV couples that has so much chemistry and a strong working relationship — it doesn’t seem right to generalize their whole story for the up coming season and say that it should all be focused on a wedding when there are so many other interesting ways in which their story could be told. I love the fact that this show goes through everything that you tend to see from normal couples, whether it be little romantic moments, organic conflicts, or seeing them plan out their future.

They bring us stories that are relatable and that’s what has me so invested in them. I see things in them that I see in my own marriage to Matt, especially when it comes to trying to find the right balance with working together and our personal life away from work and moving into the next season I suspect that we are really going to see a lot more of that play out. It took Matt and I years to figure some of that out, so watching their growing pains of learning how to stop the work issues from bleeding into home life will be especially interesting for me to watch.

With that, the idea of planning a Jamko wedding should be just as exciting as the wedding itself. Anyone who is married has gone through the process of planning the ceremony, finding the venue, trying to determine the guests, and also planning/attending various parties. I think there’s so much that Blue Bloods could explore there, especially the idea of Eddie becoming a part of this super tight-knit family. These are people who have dinner with each other every week! It’s inspirational to so many other families out there but there’s probably an intimidation factor that goes with that. It could be something to explore — Eddie’s strong-willed and may not care too much as to what other people think, but she’s also human. It’s natural that you want your husband-to-be’s family to like you. Exploring this further would be a delight.

Beyond all of this, domestic Jamko is also well worth the price of admission. Maybe they have petty arguments over groceries, or maybe there’s something really sweet about seeing them eat breakfast together. Blue Bloods won’t force anything (that’s not really their style) but there’s a chance to explore the new normal for these characters and offer up some contrast. I feel like this show will bring in more Jamko as an exercise in subtlety, mostly because we’ve seen over the years that subtlety really is some of the stuff that this show does the best when it comes to relationships and matters beyond the cases.

What do you want to see coming up for Jamie and Eddie over the course of Blue Bloods season 9, beyond just a wedding? Share below!

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