The Affair season 4 episode 6 review: Alison tries to find her future

The Affair season 4

After spending an episode last week largely about Cole and Vik, The Affair season 4 episode 6 focused things back in on Noah and Alison, who each found themselves in some very difficult situations.

When it comes to Alison, we got yet another reminder as to how terrible this season is getting for her … and also one of the things leading to her disappearance. Tonight, she learned about her birth father in one of the more painful ways imaginable. First of all, she found out that he had been keeping tabs on her. Then, she also found out that he needed a kidney and was willing to pay for it. The only reason he revealed himself to her was out of his own desperation and self-preservation.

After all of this, Alison had a rather-heated conversation with Athena as to why she was kept from meeting her father. Yet, it turns out that there was a very good reason, at least according to Athena. The entire backstory here was pretty horrifying, and on the other side of this it was pretty clear that Alison would be in distress. Then, she went to go see Ben about it and at that point, she started to understand that Ben was not being altogether honest about who he was.

Yet, what led to her being in a position where Noah needed to come bail her out? We wondered that as Alison got on board the plane and dealt with an obnoxious dude with a Matthew McConaughey voice who wanted nothing more than to hook up with her. When he got physical, she was quick to react due to her past trauma. She knocked over an older woman and basically, things spiraled from there given that she had drank quite a bit aboard the plane already.

As for the Noah story…

We’re not focusing on it all that much just because of the fact that it bled mostly into what happened with Alison. Yet, we do think that his relationship with Anton represents him wanting to be a father to someone, largely because some of his actual kids aren’t altogether interested in spending time with him. He thinks that he is Princeton-worthy but it may still be some time before it actually goes anywhere.

Noah eventually picked up Alison after she temporarily jailed. She had a breakdown, he tried to help her through it, and following that, she ended up staying with Helen. Basically, this was the most interconnected episode of the season for many of the characters.

The episode concluded with Helen making one thing clear to Alison: She has a chance to change her life, provided that she really wants to do it and be proactive in it. She’s not out of time just yet. That’s it; then, the screen fades.

CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole, we would consider The Affair season 4 episode 6 to be a stronger overall episode than last week’s, though at the same time it may not have had a story as emotionally transcendent as the one with Cole and Morro Bay last week. We do foresee Alison’s “change” being what causes her disappearance, but we are still very much full of questions regarding the future.

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