Elementary season 6 episode 12 video: Sherlock’s trebuchet

ElementaryWhat’s coming up on Elementary season 6 episode 12 on CBS Monday night? Let’s just say that we’re gearing up for one of the craziest Sherlock theories to date.

After all, how else do you describe a story that involves Sherlock building a trebuchet and then concocting what has to be one of his craziest schemes out there. It does seem like Sherlock and Watson are in the process of working on two very different things, with Joan hunting down a woman with an extremely-common name in order to get some more information. Yet, Sherlock is slightly dismissive of some of her work here, reminding her that sometimes, there is no easy way to get answers on what you seek and you just have to be prepared for a lot of super-annoying and time-consuming work.

What we know, aside from this preview, is that there’s going to be a private client at the heart of the story this week, someone who tasks our heroes with finding someone with a most unusual profession. That’s not going to be easy; meanwhile, it looks as though there could also be a fairly emotional side story, as we’re going to have a chance to see Detective Bell struggle with what is a very important decision: Whether or not he should take a job opportunity elsewhere after getting an opportunity.

It really should go without saying what some of our personal expectations are for Elementary moving forward — we don’t want to see Bell leave, and to go along with that, we also don’t want to see Sherlock and Watson doing anything other than working together. It really is the foundation for what makes this series work from start to finish. Over the course of the episode, we’ll figure it out.

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