Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Faysal’s Veto debate (day 33, afternoon)

FaysalWe’re back now with our Big Brother 20 update for the afternoon of day 33, and this one’s mostly about Faysal.

Basically, Fessy is Mr. Indecisive when it comes to what he wants to do. His heart wants to take Haleigh off the block, in part because his alliance with her and also because there’s a part of him that wants to feel like he’s some sort of hero. What’s so interesting about this, though, is that Haleigh doesn’t seem to be pushing him all that hard. She’s aware that if she stays up on the block, she will probably not end up going home. That’s true since Kaitlyn is super-abrasive and has a history of distrust. Yet, it would be rather hilarious in the event it happened and the remaining members Level 6 decided to take out Haleigh instead.

Haleigh’s concern seems to be what happens if Rockstar or someone else goes up on the block, since that could cause something to flip or go a little bit awry. It’s possible, especially since there is a whole lot of time left before the end of the week on Thursday. What we’re really waiting for is the Veto Ceremony on Monday, especially if Faysal does give Kaitlyn a speech about how he is upset still that she backdoored Swaggy, one of his best friends in the house.

As for what else is happening this afternoon, Sam and Rockstar had a conversation in which Sam did express an interest in a women’s alliance moving past this week — or at least that’s what she is telling Rockstar at the moment. Most everyone at the moment is laying low, and what especially surprises us is just how quiet things have become with Brett just a couple of days removed from pure bedlam. Also, Scottie’s manages to find himself another great spot in the game despite A) just being HoH and B) making a very questionable move at the Swaggy C vote.

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