Poldark season 4 episode 7 review: Ross Poldark’s deadly duel

Poldark season 4 episode 3
Through most of Poldark season 4 episode 7, we saw wonderful costumes and a fantastic setting. The bulk of this installment was set in London where, in the early going, Ross and Demelza seemed to be enjoying the finer things — and also each other. Yet, things certainly changed over the course of the hour. (Warning: Spoilers ahead for US readers.)

By around the 15-minute mark, Ross and Demelza attended one of their first parties together, one that was also present by none other than Monk Adderley. We already knew that the man was a louse but tonight’s episode was firm proof of it. He spent most of the episode desperate to steal Demelza away from Ross, whether it be trying to seduce her, isolating her, or even sneaking into her room. Yet, she relented — he was an aggressive, cruel man who clearly had no interest in her emotionally.

Maybe if this sort of behavior from Monk happened before the end of season 3, it would not have been anywhere near as big of an issue as it’s turned out to be now. Because of what transpired with Demelza and Hugh Armitage, however, it’s clear that Ross is threatened by any man who tries to pursue his wife. That’s why he confronted Adderley in the House and also why he chose to accept a duel. He spent most of the day before the duel training, he brought on Dwight to be his second, and he also tried to distract Demelza so that she wasn’t so wise as to the archaic, ridiculous ritual he was about to take part in. This was incredibly dangerous, largely because Adderley was a known duelist and rather successful at it, as well.

The morning of the duel, Ross was still intent on moving forward despite some of Dwight’s protests. The rules were set, and it was time to do battle. This was a beautiful setting for the duel, but it was also all sorts of intense. We knew that Ross would survive — his name is the title of the show! — but there were still stakes here. After the first shot, it felt like the duel was done; yet, soon after that, Adderley opted to play by his own rules. Ross was shot, but he also shot Monk and it was clear that he wasn’t going to make it. But, did that turn out to be true? Yes, as Adderley did die shortly after being shot. Ross should have left via the condition of the duel, but unfortunately, there was a witness due to his actions.

The investigation

Well, you had to assume that George would want to have Ross locked away as a result of his actions, but the reality here is that it was rather hard for him to get other people on board with this. Nobody else was altogether on the idea of putting him away.

Right when it seemed as though George was starting to get over the idea of investigating due to his other political endeavors, though, Geoffrey Charles blurted out that Valentine looks an awful lot like Ross! As you would imagine, that’s going to be a problem! When Ross approached him at the episode’s end about fulfilling Adderley’s wish, George through the sum of money offered up in his face.

In the closing minutes, Demelza opted to depart London, penning Ross a letter explaining that she’s not right for the city — it does not agree with her disposition and what happened with Adderley is clearly far too much.

The Morwenna story

Morwenna will not be a mother the second time over, and with that, Lady Whitworth seems to be moving forward with her plan to institutionalize her.

Yet, Morwenna chose to do something in the aftermath of these conversations that we never expected: Going to Drake. She visited him at his job in order to explain herself and how her suffering has changed her. She’s an abuse victim and Poldark is showing in a heartbreaking manner the aftereffects of long-term abuse on someone. She cannot even think of Drake without remembering the terrible things that happened to her via Osbourne.

CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole, Poldark season 4 episode 7 put you through ALL the emotions. There was a lot of sadness, but there was also shock and violence. We do think that the table is certainly set for a beautiful finale, one that will generate a stream of tears and also reminders as to why we love this show.

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