Power season 5 episode 4 review: Ghost’s unwanted alliance

PowerPower season 5 episode 4 was an episode that, in so many ways, was about resetting the playing field. It was also outstanding.

It almost feels right to start off with the very end of the episode, which featured Ghost and Angela meeting up for really the first time all season. Most of the episode, in retrospect, is about how they made it to that point.

For Ghost, his need to see Angela stems from so many different things, whether it be his inability to process losing Raina, Tasha’s interest in leaving him for good, and the big stunner of the episode: Tate bringing in Dre to help the fundraising efforts for the community project. All of a sudden, Ghost now has to collaborate with his biggest rival in the public sector. Basically, Ghost needs to now work with someone who is in part responsible for his daughter’s death. That’s painful beyond words. Angela was at one point a stable element to him and one of the only relationships that offered a sense of escapism. There’s no shock that comes in her being his mind’s true north.

As for Angela, she may just be in a desperate spot now given that she feels used by Steve and, beyond that, also lost the big Jimenez case that would’ve broken her whole career wide open. She thought that she had the cartel dead to rights only for Steve, following “orders,” to completely halt the investigation in its tracks. At this point, Angela may not feel like she has that much to protect … though she also doesn’t know that she is still being investigated by Blanca, who is now doing it in secret. Clearly, she’s not giving up just yet.

As if things weren’t problematic enough, Ghost has another problem in Teresi, who seems to be using John Mok’s orders as a way to forge his own path. If we believe what he told Connie, he isn’t as interested in nailing his son as he is using him to pin down Ghost. We’ll see precisely if that is the case, given that we don’t exactly trust Teresi with everything right now. Neither should Tommy, but he’s still a little blinded. Ghost and Kanan still need to help source this mess out, but like with Angela and Blanca, we don’t think Jamie is altogether aware of the trouble that he’s in.

CarterMatt Verdict

What’s so great about where Power is right now in season 5 is that you’ve got two characters in Ghost and Angela who find themselves skating around on what is actually thin ice. They think that they are so much more protected right now than they actually are, and that creates an excellent sort of dramatic tension. Add to this the additional stories, whether it be John Mok doing battle against Proctor or Tasha trying to figure out her own future and grief, and you’ve got a recipe for an excellent season 5 to come.

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