Power season 5 episode 5 preview: Tariq’s unhappy birthday

Raina St. PatrickPower season 5 episode 5 is going to be centered, at least in part, around what should be a happy event. We doubt it’ll turn out like that.

At this point in the story, we are a number of episodes removed from the death of Ghost and Tasha’s daughter Raina. Yet, the guilt and the pain is still there. Ghost isn’t processing it, Tasha wants to get far away from him, and Tariq has been effectively shipped off to school elsewhere to escape. Yet, it seems like his birthday will bring him back into the fold, at least for one episode, on next week’s fittingly-titled episode “Happy Birthday.”

Below, the Power season 5 episode 5 synopsis offers up a few more teases as to what’s coming up next:

The St. Patricks celebrate Tariq’s birthday for the first time without Raina; Tasha finds a shoulder to cry on in Terry Silver; and Ghost is on the outs with Tate and the Queens Child Project.

To us, the story with the Queens Child Project is probably going to be the part that enrages Ghost the most, largely due to where he stands in the midst of it and what is being progressively taken away from him: The ability to properly honor his daughter in the way in which he wants. That has been much of his focus this season, but Tate bringing on board Dre to help fundraising is the ultimate slap in the face.

Do you know that expression “don’t get mad, get even”? We imagine that this is ringing true in Ghost’s brain entering this episode. The one issue here is that it’s not clear whether or not there will even be an opportunity for Ghost to act in the near future. There are so many other distractions and, beyond that, Dre has made himself into a rather difficult person to kill.

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