Timeless helicopter heading to San Diego Comic-Con with a message

Timeless season 2 key artOver the past few days, we’ve been buzzing with excitement over the idea of a Timeless helicopter (or rather, two helicopters) flying over San Diego Comic-Con. How could you not be? It’s an epic stunt to try to get the show a new home, or at least to get NBC to commission the movie that there have been some talks about as of late.

We do know this: There are few better stages to try to promote the series at than Comic-Con, given that there will be an incredibly-large contingent of people there to take in the experience. Things got started with the helicopters a little bit later than expected, but sometimes, good things are worth waiting for!

The journey to San Diego started just after 4:00 p.m. Pacific time, and you can see it play out in the video below. What’s happening here is that there will be a helicopter coming to the convention center with a #SaveTimeless message displayed proudly and prominently for all to see. Hopefully, it will capture the attention of some fans and executives alike. It’s an exciting idea and we’re glad to see that it’s gotten so much attention online from everyone from the show’s writers to even actors like Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, and others.

Will this work to say the show? Ultimately, that is one of those things that is rather hard to say given that it’s up to every single network to decide what they want on their roster. With that said, it’s very encouraging that the helicopter trip is getting so much coverage and that all of the cast still seems to be so eager. If the show manages to pull this off and get either a movie or season 3, it has to be one of the most inspiring comeback stories for a canceled show in recently memory. These are the little helicopters that could!

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