The Last Ship season 5, a Comic-Con omission, and Hulu news

The Last Ship season 5

We’ve got a few different things that we want to talk about within this piece about The Last Ship season 5, and let’s just start by frowning over the fact that there is no San Diego Comic-Con panel this year.

Why is that? It’s probably just because TNT didn’t want to put much promotional investment into a show that is ending, largely because it’s hard to figure out if there is another understandable reason why the series wouldn’t be there. After all, filming ended a rather long time again! It’s also a bummer that we’re not getting a panel because that would’ve been the perfect place to A) announce an official premiere date and B) showcase some sort of trailer.

Speaking of premiere-date news… – We’ve seen and heard some rumors regarding a launch in early September, which in some ways makes some sense given that it could pick up where Claws leaves off on Sunday nights. Unfortunately, none of this is confirmed as of yet and while it makes sense, we’re a little hesitant to confirm anything without TNT’s say-so at this point.

Season 4 is now on Hulu – This is probably the most positive sign that The Last Ship is going to be coming back on the air soon. Typically, networks choose to release new episodes to their streaming home a number of weeks before the premiere, though that is not a hard-and-fast rule. We’ve seen some shows start to put their content online far earlier than in the past, but for now, we’re treating this as a positive sign that there could be some more news coming in the future.

Hopefully, over the next couple of weeks some more news on The Last Ship season 5 will start to seep out. Given that there is no SDCC panel, we imagine there won’t be anything this weekend — it’s almost better to wait, largely because any announcement today or tomorrow could end up getting buried in the midst of everything else that is happening.

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