Chicago PD season 6 spotlight: What’s the future of Trudy Platt?

PlattWhat could be coming up for Trudy Platt on Chicago PD season 6? She’s one of the show’s strongest characters, and with that, she is absolutely worthy of being the latest subject in our ongoing show spotlight series.

Let’s start things off by saying this: We wish there were more Trudy stories within the second half of season 5, and in general, it’s felt as though there has been more of a challenge to put her at the center of stories since uniform cops became less of a big component to the show. Hopefully, this is a trend that is reserved somewhat moving into season 6, given that we want to see some characters be more involved with Amy Morton’s character than they’ve been in the past.

So how can the show give Trudy some more love? We’ve got a few different suggestions within this piece.

1. A specific mission that only she can do – What if Intelligence is investigating someone who Trudy has a past connection to? It makes sense for her to be a focal point in trying to resolve it. We want to see her in more positions where she can be the hero, especially since we’ve seen her in a number of positions as of late where she is in danger.

2. Even more of a mentoring role – Maybe there are some members of Intelligence that Platt can offer more advice to, or maybe the series decides to introduce a new recurring cop for Platt to interact with. We love the relationship that she has with Burgess, and we’d love to see that explored more; if not that, then creating an interesting dynamic with someone new.

3. The state of things with Mouch – As someone who loves both of these characters, we of course want to see what’s going to happen next in their relationship! They are one of the most stable pairings in One Chicago and on the other side of Mouch’s health crisis and turnaround, we’d like to see more of where they are now.

4. More scenes with Upton – We learned all the way back in season 4 that Platt was a very influential figure in her life long before she became a cop. Why not explore that relationship further now? It would inform both of these characters in a nice way since they have a deeply-rooted emotional bond.

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