Criminal Minds season 14 debate: Should we get a ‘name’ episode?

Criminal MindsCriminal Minds season 14 is guaranteed to have at least one big episode coming up in the premiere, which also just so happens to be the 300th as a whole. Why not have another down the line?

As many longtime fans of the series know, the “name” episodes are some of the most important ones out there for the series for a number of different reasons. For starters, this is where you end up seeing some of the most powerful stories and breathtaking performances. “Penelope” is a classic, and we absolutely feel the same way about “Derek,” “Spencer,” and “JJ.”

Yet, there are clearly more of these episodes to be made. We need both an “Emily” and “David” episodes, for starters — given that they’ve both been on the show for a long time, they’re very much deserving of getting this spotlight now. Of course, we’d also be happy with Luke Alvez, Tara Lewis, or Matt Simmons getting one, but we think the longtime cast members have to be the priority right now.

Are we aware of the fact that name episodes tend to feature something really terrible happening to the title character? Sure, but killing said character off isn’t the priority. The Derek episode did lead to the exit of Shemar Moore soon after the fact, but he was going to leave regardless of that. Really, they’re more just about establishing a great arc for the character, and we feel like with Criminal Minds being so close to the end, it’s pretty essential that we get a chance to see the spotlight put on a character in such a big way.

With us so far into the show’s run, and with the end of Criminal Minds potentially around the corner any season now, we do think that you need to take advantage of the time that you have and craft some more great stories. We feel like it’s essential to get one name episode this season; maybe you can save at least one for a possible season 15, but change things up if you get word, for whatever sad reason, that season 14 is the last. Luckily, we’re not hearing anything about that right now.

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