NCIS season 16 spotlight: What’s next for Nick Torres? Our expectations

Wilmer ValderramaWhat’s going to be coming up for Nick Torres on NCIS season 16? Wilmer Valderrama is the focus of this particular spotlight article, and we certainly think that there is quite a bit of good stuff to discuss when it comes to his character here!

One of the things that we’ve really appreciated about Torres’ arc on the show so far is that the producers have never compromised who he is just for the sake of putting him into a box of the typical NCIS agent we see on the show. He remains very much his own person, someone who thinks and acts independently and doesn’t give in to authority just because. It does put him at odds at Gibbs sometimes, but over the course of the series we’ve come to see some of the respect that the character does have for him.

Moving into next season, one of the things that we’d actually like to see more of is more storylines for Wilmer Valderrama and Mark Harmon specifically. Since these guys are both incredibly strong-willed, there’s potential for more conflict with their characters than almost any other character pairing. We like to see that out in the field, given that it shakes things up from what are some of the typical NCIS beats and patterns. They also each have a skill set that could prove to be somewhat complimentary. Gibbs is more of the tactician while Torres can be more of the physical force.

When it comes to Torres himself, though, it would be nice to get even more of a sense of who he was prior to his deep-cover work, just so that we can better understand the contrast of who he was versus who he is now today. His journey has been a fascinating one, and everything that we’ve gotten a chance to see from him on this subject so far has been fascinating. It definitely does feel like he has some more stories left to tell in this particular field.

Now, of course we do have to also look at the relationship between Torres and Bishop, which has been set up as a possible romance for down the road. Given that Bishop’s love interests have all either done terrible things or have had terrible things done to them, it would be nice for her to have a little more happiness — and for Nick, the same! We don’t need this show to be a full-fledged romance, but it would be nice to see a few hints as to whether or not NCIS is really committed to going in this direction.

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