Big Brother 20 episode 11 review: Did Sam save Winston or Brett?

Sam BledsoeGoing into Big Brother 20 episode 11, there were a couple of different mysteries at the heart of the hour. First, there was the question of who would go home between Brett and Winston — most signs from the live feeds suggested that it’d be Winston, but crazy things have happened on this show in the past. You never want to guarantee anything.

The larger question that we wondered going into the episode was whether or not Sam would use her Bonus Life power to save one of them. After all, she realized that if she didn’t use it this week, it would basically leave her power up for whoever goes home next week. It’s fair for her to not want that going to an ally of hers. For most of the first twenty minutes of the episode, we saw a mixture of campaigning from Brett and Winston mixed with her debating precisely what she wanted to do with the power.

The Eviction – Winston was evicted, but what was more entertaining was seeing Brett call out Rockstar as a means to set her up as a hinky vote. The aftermath of this was pretty electric, mostly in how Rockstar tried to completely decimate him for making up that lie on her daughter’s birthday. Is Brett a pretty awful person? Sure, but it’s Big Brother. Brett’s a good villain. We almost feel like he fancies himself Russell Crowe in Gladiator, shouting “are you not entertained?!” somewhere within his brain.

Also, it seems as though Sam didn’t use her power, which basically means that whoever goes home next is going to have a chance to make it back in the game.

The post-eviction interview – Winston gave a pretty good farewell interview to Julie Chen, admitting that his alliance with Brett wasn’t the best while also saying he was shocked by his exit. We didn’t really love him in the game, but we respect someone who wanted to play as hard as he did. Also, we kind of feel for him saying it was an embarrassment to leave so soon.

Endurance – HoH updates You can check some of those out over here over the course of the night!

There was no mentioning of any twists on the show moving forward … but we’ll ask executive producer Allison Grodner that in our weekly exit interview.

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