Cloak & Dagger episode 8 review: A face becomes a ghost

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Cloak & Dagger episode 8 was an exercise an answers, but also an exercise in processing pain. For Tandy in particular, she experienced much of that over the course of the hour as she started to realize that the legacy of her father wasn’t salvageable in the way in which she thought. She pictured him a good father and an innocent victim, in part due to who she was when he died: A young girl who loved her dad.

Yet, what Tandy realized through the episode was that her father had a history of abuse and was not anywhere near the man who thought — it was enough for her to realize that taking money and talking away was better than just fighting to pursue more answers. This episode was entitled “Ghost Stories,” and some of what was uncovered in here was truly frightening. Tandy had to face the fear of mind’s eye betraying her; meanwhile, Tyrone had to wrestle with whether or not getting justice was actually going to offer him some solace.

After a lengthy sting operation, Connors was actually taken down by him and O’Reilly. Tyrone in many ways transformed himself into the ghost of Billy as a means to take him down, and in doing so, O’Reilly got the confession that she finally needed. He was carted off in handcuffs and, at least for a short period of time, it felt as though everything was going to be over.

Yet, was it really? Not so much, judging from the end of the episode, where we saw O’Reilly stumble upon Fuchs’ dead body in a refrigerator. Actions have consequences, especially when you are in so deep and there are so many enemies that can be created with an action as black-and-white as an arrest. It was a gruesome, haunting way to end a haunting episode that created a false illusion of victory for so many characters. Everyone started to think that they were getting what they wanted in “Ghost Stories” — instead, they just realized that there really was no peace at all.

CarterMatt Verdict

While we don’t think that episode 8 necessarily had the insular brilliance of last week’s installment, it was still a very good, emotionally-powerful episode that brought Tyrone closer to the cloak and made him and Tandy both realize further the value of their powers. With Fuchs dead, though, we also got a reminder of just how much weight there is to every single footstep within this world. All actions have consequences, and that is still something that many different characters are going to have to take on over time.

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