Suits season 8 episode 2 preview: Harvey, Donna get to know Samantha

Suits season 8 episode 2Going into Suits season 8 episode 2, there’s clearly still a lot for Harvey and Donna to know about newcomer Samantha Wheeler. Heck, there’s still a lot for us to learn, as well. We haven’t learned much about her save for her workout routine and her cutthroat nature to date, and that’s intentional on her part. She tells different stories to different people and is intentionally quite guarded. She doesn’t seem to have any interest in allowing someone to get close to her, which we feel is going to have a number of interesting repercussions as the season goes along. The same goes for her status in the firm as Robert Zane’s valued #2 and someone who has the capability of being a major thorn in Harvey’s side moving forward.

Judging from the Suits season 8 episode 2 synopsis below, there is going to be at least a small opportunity to understand Samantha better:

Harvey and Donna get their first taste of how Samantha operates. Alex tries to impress Zane.

One of the things that was teased going into Suits season 8 was that Samantha is one of the few people within this world who Donna has a hard time reading. It’s easy to know why the producers would want that, given that it’s something that they don’t have very often. That also does set up an interesting dynamic moving forward.

As for the other story teased there, it does make sense for Alex to try and cozy up to Zane thanks to his new status as managing partner. If he wants to be name partner someday, he needs to figure out a way to appeal to him as both an attorney and a person. Beyond just that, he’s also gotta figure out just how Robert operates, given that he spends most of his time working alongside Harvey and carrying out some of his duties.

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