Big Madam Secretary season 5 announcement coming; what could it be?

Madam SecretaryFor everyone out there excited about Madam Secretary season 5, here’s another reason to be. It looks as though there is some sort of big announcement creeping around the corner.

In a number of recent posts via Twitter, Erich Bergen has suggested that there is a big announcement that is coming — really, we’re all just collectively waiting on the official declaration of what it is. That is probably either going to be revealed via a CBS statement or a particular outlet, but there are a few different ideas rolling around in our head about it already.

1. Some major cameo in the first couple of episodes – We know that the series has been able to get some major cameos in the past, and we certainly do think that they have the potential to do so again. Admittedly, we do think that finding the right people for the show is challenging, mostly because this is a show about Washington that tries to avoid playing politics. If you have a politician appear, there’s always a risk that it is divisive to one half of your audience regardless of party. If the show goes a political route, we just hope that everyone can recognize that this is a TV show and it’s okay to separate politics from someone’s role in a particular story.

2. A new recurring player / regular – We certainly think it’s possible that the show is going to be bringing on board someone notable for a more permanent capacity — at least for a few episodes. With the sort of world in which this show is set, there is always potential to add some more talent.

3. A notable setting or filming location – Maybe the producers have gotten permission to film somewhere that often isn’t keen to allow in cameras. Once again, with the show’s setting in mind it does feel as though there are many possibilities here.

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