Take Two season 1 episode 5 sneak peek: More on Seamus Dever’s role

Seamus DeverAhead of tomorrow night’s episode of ABC’s Take Twowe have a sneak peek (via TVLine) at what’s going to happen. As fans know, Castle‘s Seamus Never is guest starring in the episode as a client who hired a hitman to kill him and then mysteriously takes it back. That’s where Eddie and Sam come in. The pair is hired to find the hitman and call the deal off. In the sneak peek, we are given more details as to why Dever’s character would hire a hitman in the first place.

In a parking garage, we see Sam and Eddie meeting with Dever’s character where he explains that a few months ago he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given only a few months to live. As a result, he hired a hitman so his family wouldn’t have to bare the burden of taking care of him and because they won’t get the life insurance if he commits suicide. So why the change of heart? Well, he goes on to say that he was recently informed that he was misdiagnosed, thus wanting to call off the hitman. Sam then asks why he doesn’t just call it off, but he doesn’t want anyone to trace the hit back to him. The problem is that he has no idea what the hitman looks like, sounds like, who they are, etc. He found the hitman on the dark web, someone who refers to themselves as an ancient biblical angel of death.

While this isn’t much to go on, Sam and Eddie appear to be interested in the case, especially after Dever’s character explains that it isn’t a scam after he was almost hit by car and fell off his balcony and is only alive because a car broke his fall. This will definitely be a challenge for the duo, but this could be where Berto is going to come in handy. He’s the one who digs all the information Eddie needs off of the web, so using Berto could be the key to finding the hitman.

In addition, Monica could also be a key to solving the case also because as we learned in previous episodes, Monica is filled with random facts. She knows things that not everyone knows, and she often doesn’t tell you she knows until later where it helps. So this episode has the potential to really use the whole squad and we can’t wait.

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