America’s Got Talent review: Kevin Blake, Daniel Emmet, & Judge Cuts #1

America's Got TalentTonight, the first America’s Got Talent Judge Cuts show kicked things off with a lot of high energy — and a little bit of movement from the guest judge in Ken Jeong. He’s fun and knows a thing or two about having to work hard to make it in this business.

Only seven of the eighteen acts tonight are going through, so things are going to get intense! In this article, we’re going to look strictly at the performances; we’ll be back later with the results.

Junior New System – They are fun, high-energy, and they brought some of the same dancing-in-heels charm to the show that they did the first time. We do still have a fear that they won’t be able to surprise anymore by the second live show, but who doesn’t want to see them in that environment? They’re the perfect act to get in the live shows just so that they can run wild.

Harold and Regan – Great dancers, but they got about ten seconds of air time.

Us the Duo – They were great in the first audition, and we thought that here, they had a chance to do something else that was original with really great harmonies and musicality. We do think that this performance wasn’t anywhere near as catchy as the first one, but they’ve got a good chance still to move on just because there aren’t many other acts who can do what they can.

Kevin Blake – This was a fun, charming magic act! Apparently, we didn’t see him the first time because he did a terrible rap. This time, he did a fun little effect where he supposedly sent Mel B’s ring off into the Heavens — even though that wasn’t the case.

Mochi – We love this guy. He’s so creative and does something that, on paper, is very simple. Yet, he really turns it into hard with how he uses technology and his winning personality. We probably would’ve given him a Golden Buzzer. Just saying.

Pam and Oscar – The first singing dog is now back in the competition! This is still ridiculously dumb. The fact that we got two seconds of it shows that this act may not have much of a chance.

Daniel Emmet – He remains a brilliant opera singer. More so than that, we don’t think that he had a better sense of stage presence and confidence about him this time. We also like that he was dressed a little bit more modern rather than some traditional opera singer from the 19th century.

Voices of Hope – They got the Golden Buzzer, they were emotional, and we think that they’ve got a good chance of winning! More in the video below.

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Aaron Crow – The dude is downright terrifying, not that this should be a surprise to anyone who has seen him so far. While this is all virtually identical to what he’s done on Britain’s Got Talent in the past, we don’t want to take away from how good he is.

Carmen Lynch – She’s a New York comic who sounds a lot like Melissa Villasenor. Her delivery was solid and while we didn’t see much of her, we did get a sense that she has an understanding of how to make jokes edgy while still staying true to what AGT is as a series.

Patches -He’s a really entertaining kid, and is so much better than we think that an rapper his age should be. We really don’t even want to know his real age — we just like calling him “Patches,” so that is probably what we’re going to continue to do.

Celina and Filiberto – Apparently, they weren’t ridiculous enough the first time, so we needed to see them grind on each other and be filthy with backup dancers. This gag has officially run its course — old people acting filthy, in general, went out of style ages ago.

Duo Transcend – Their name is perfect since they do transcend much of what we’ve seen in terms of acrobats / danger acts on America’s Got Talent over the years. From start to finish, they brought tonight a whole lot of danger … but also a very scary fall at the end. We don’t know if this will hurt them.

Check out the results for tonight here!

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