The Good Doctor season 2 spotlight: The future of Morgan Reznick

Should Morgan returnWhat could the future look like for Morgan Reznick on The Good Doctor season 2? It’s a good question, especially since there may be some who wondered whether or not this character would have a future at all following season 1.

Was she a popular character? Far from it, but that’s a part of what makes her so interesting now moving forward. Fiona Gubelmann’s character is someone who was never written to be likable from the get-go — she was callous, competitive, and completely unmoved by any personal crisis. She stood as a rival to Shaun Murphy and someone who deliberately ignored her own moral compass. Yet, some of those walls started to break down near the end of the season, though she is still probably more cynical than some other characters. We don’t think that this is going to change.

So what do we want to see moving into season 2? A big part of it has to do with trying to find some ways to give Morgan more depth and understanding why she acts the way that she does? We do want to understand some more of her background and thought process, given that typically, one does not act anywhere near this competitive unless it has been a part of their life for some time. It’s integral to understand better what makes this character tick and, beyond that, what some of her flaws are. The more we understand about her emotionally, the better of a character she will be.

We also don’t want the writers to suddenly shy away from her wicked side, either. It’s okay to have a character sometimes that viewers don’t like since every story needs varying degrees of heroes and villains. While you want to make Morgan feel like a respected member of the team, she shouldn’t just abandon her season 1 personality. Just because she’s getting more familiar with the other doctors.

Now, with that said, we think there’s some rather interesting friendship potential here with Shaun. Morgan offers him a perspective that he isn’t quite getting anywhere else, and because of that, we do think that there is something potentially interesting about Freddie Highmore and Gubelmann sharing a lot of scenes together. We want to see that continue just so that there are metaphorical angels and devils sitting on Shaun’s shoulders at all times. Moving forward, we do think that Shaun could also be an asset in helping Morgan to become a little more vulnerable than she would be otherwise.

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